“As a long time client of Sayre Neufeld (10 yrs), I can attest to his excellent workmanship.  He has installed large skylights, renovated our ensuite, built a Garden house and large decks as well as numerous small jobs such as installing hand rails and building new front stairs. He has an excellent work ethic, is reliable and always on time as well as being able to answer questions or making other suggestions for the job to be done. I would recommend Sayre to anyone who wants a job done properly and on time… He also has a great personality.”


Donna Nelson

“We moved to Courtenay in March 2017. The house we bought had been rented for several years and required major renovations. We didn’t know any contractors in the area. Our realtor Lisa Zuk contacted Sayre for us. He had completed a renovation to her home which she was very happy about. Sayre and his crew worked on the house from May until the end of September. The house was gutted. The windows and doors were reconfigured and replaced. Interior walls were moved. A whole new kitchen was installed. We really enjoyed working with Sayre. The biggest benefit of working with Sayre was his ability to accommodate our ideas (without rolling his eyes) which made the renovation a success. Any problems we ran into during the renovation Sayre was able to troubleshoot easily. Sayre and his crew were hardworking and polite. We are really satisfied with the workmanship. We would recommend Sayre as a contractor, he is reliable and the finished product will be exactly what the customer wants.”


Jane Mcquinn

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