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Comox Valley home additions

There are so many advantages to building an addition to your home. Adding square footage increases your property value, creates additional living space for family or rental income and can even provide a cost-effective alternative to moving.

We love home additions. Halfway between a renovation and a custom build, they allow us to flex our creative muscles and fully harness our decades of experience in the Comox Valley construction industry. Fusing the old to the new requires a high level of skill and expertise, as well as a thorough understanding of how to tie cutting-edge building technologies into existing services, which — depending on the age of your home — may have been implemented generations earlier.

Because building codes, standards and protocols change considerably over time, it’s always safest to choose a contractor who is fluent in multi-generational building and adept in performing home additions. Coast Catalyst Construction has decades of training and experience with additions in the Comox Valley. No matter your home’s age, we’ll confidently assess its condition, identify any challenges, adapt to all unexpected surprises (there are always surprises) and ensure your home addition project goes as smoothly as possible.

If you like, we’ll even connect you with a talented local designer to help you achieve your desired aesthetic and functionality while ensuring your home addition is structurally sound, energy efficient and up to B.C. building code standards – or better!

Ready to get started on your Comox Valley addition? We think you’ll like our unique, one-on-one client-centric approach to the home addition experience.

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How much does a home addition cost?

The truth is that the cost of your home addition will vary based on several factors — some of which aren’t known at the onset. With additions, as with all renovation projects, costs are almost impossible to predict to the penny. A contractor who gives you a firm quote on a home addition project is not being honest with you, and that’s not what our company believes in.

Instead, we promise you this:

  • We will be fair and competitively priced within our market
  • Our team will always help you establish an affordable budget for your addition and work within that budget

Our goal is not to break your bank, but to help you build an addition that your family will want to live in for generations to come – and do so in a way you can afford.

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Our Promise

When you choose Coast Catalyst Construction, you’re dealing directly with a local business owner whose experience, connections, roots and hands-on education stretch deep into Comox Valley construction industry.

We believe in putting people first. Always. Your satisfaction means everything to us — if something is wrong, we promise to do everything within our power to make it right.

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