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It is important to us that we stay in communication with our clients, and trades people. We like to do so with a casual quarterly newsletter.

Issue 1, April 2020

Building Your Legacy

A newsletter brought to you by Coast Catalyst Construction

Welcome – By Joanne Barr – Office Manager

Welcome. In an effort to stay connected with your clients we will provide you with a seasonal Newsletter. Each issue will provide you with home maintenance tips, past projects, updates, and whats to come!
The entire team at Coast Catalyst Construction would like you to know we are thinking of you during this very challenging time. Our primary goal at Coast Catalyst Construction is to keep our clients, team members, and community safe with following COVID-19 actions and policies. As we continue to work through this crises we are keeping our employees and clients safe by adhering social distancing. With respect to our clients and their surroundings, we are working diligently to make sure we are all safe. We are asking everyone to keep each other informed and we will continue to take appropriate actions. Together we will overcome.


Projects from 2019 –
By Sayre Neufeld –
Owner Operator

2019 was a prosperous year for Coast Catalyst Construction. It started out with the completion of a beautiful custom home by Shizen Home Design. Although this home had a smaller footprint (~1200sqft), the vaulted grand room, with windows stretching end to end, left the homeowners with a relaxed and comfortable space that created a warm and inviting environment.

As we rolled into spring and summer, two larger projects were launched. The first project was a 2000sqft addition that was added on to an existing 2000sqft home. The design of this newly adapted and integrated space allowed for better functionality, a tranquil environment, and a stimulating feel. The second project was a home renovation that included redesigning a new kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Energy efficient upgrades were performed, including new windows, an efficient heat pump, and new insulation. A truly stunning renovation that not only provided a new level of comfort, but a solid investment for the future!

As the fall and winter seasons were upon us, two more projects we deserve highlighting. The first, another energy efficient renovation, turned a cold drafty home into a calming and peaceful space. Energy modeling consultation and ensuring overall client well being were huge contributing factors into the design and success of this renovation. The last project of mention was an off grid Geodome designed for nature lovers. The 36 ft diameter geodome that was heated by a radiant wood boiler infloor system, and established a serene, quiet and private space that will be used as a retreat space for many years to come.

We would like to thank all our clients and trade partners for a spectacular 2019, and we look forward to working with you in years to come.


Home Maintenance Tips

Our team has come up with a short list to help you with your spring home maintenance.

o Clean gutters and downspouts and be sure water flows away from foundation. Fix any leaks and misalignment’s.

o Power-wash siding, windows and doors, clean all screens.

o Inspect roof for winter damage.

o Tune up lawnmower, rake leaves, and fertilize lawn.

o Clean out under decks, crawlspaces and basement window wells.


Whats New!

While looking into the future we have introduced a new division of Coast Catalyst Construction called Legacy Mini Suites. These suites will provide clients with a remote home office space that is within meters from your back door. The investment into this space can also provide a potential suite area for guests, heated outdoor oasis or can be used as a storage space. The options are endless. Fully wired and heated.

For more info email, or call Joanne at 250 205 0532.

“Please think about your legacy because you are writing it everyday”  

Gary Vaynerchuk

Issue 2, August 2020

Building Your Legacy

A newsletter brought to you by Coast Catalyst Construction

Welcome – By Joanne Barr – Office Manager

Welcome to our second newsletter of the year. It is important to us that we stay connected with you. We hope that this letter finds everyone happy, healthy, and enjoying the summer weather. In this issue we will share our progress and projects over the past quarter, home maintenance tips for the upcoming season, and what types of projects we will be working on in the coming months. Thank you for your time and happy reading.


Past Projects – 
By Sayre Neufeld –
Owner Operator

The Spring and Summer months are typically the busiest months in the construction industry, and 2020 was no exception for us. Although Covid created a few challenges along the way, we were able to complete many different projects including a large accessory building, an energy efficient basement suite remodel, and some extravagant exterior decks.
In early spring we took on a 1000 sqft accessory building project that started with the removal of an old decrepit house that was in the middle of the project location (Check out our Facebook page for the video of this demo). A highlight of this accessory building included 14 ft high walls with parallel chord trusses, which gave a 17 ft total height in the center of the building. It was accompanied with a 16 ft x 14 ft insulated garage door, hydronic radiant floor heat, and wrapped exterior insulation. You can imagine how nice this workshop would in the cold winter months.
One of our more interesting projects was an energy efficient basement suite remodel to a 1970’s Comox box. The 1970’s houses were built with no foresight in mind for energy efficiency. With the vision and passion of our client, we were able to transform this into a tight, soundproof, amazingly comfortable space. No steps were missed in the process. Rigid spray foam insulation was used to coat interior foundation walls and box joist cavities. Sound dense insulation was used in all exterior walls, interior walls, and floor joist cavities. Double drywall ceiling board with resilient channel was used to deaden noise transmission from the upper floor. The list goes on. We felt fortunate to be a part of vision that created cleaner, more comfortable, living atmosphere.
This was a year of exterior decks and patios for Coast Catalyst Construction. We are not sure why or how this happened, but we rose to the challenge. In total, we completed 6 decks. Most were massive in size and had some sort of intricate detail. Regardless if the covering was exposed concrete aggregate, vinyl decking, or natural wood, they all had unique details that were custom to the homeowner. If you are thinking of a new deck in the spring or summer of 2021, check out some of our pictures from this year for great deck ideas.

Home Maintenance Tips
  • Drain and store hoses, drain any in-ground watering systems.
  • Rake and discard leaves prepare garden beds for winter.
  • Mend gaps and cracks in driveway and walkways.
  • Clean and Store patio furniture.
  • Check caulk and weather stripping on windows and exterior doors. Repair if needed.
  • Vacuum heat registers and vents for efficiency.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts, free from seeds, leaves and other debris.
  • Prune and trim tress inspect for insects and pests.
  • Inspect, fireplace, chimney, and flues for obstructions.
  • Sharpen and Clean outdoor tools, including lawnmower blades and store away.
  • Inspect and repair exterior siding.

“Sayre and his crew we cannot say enough great things about! We approached Coast Catalyst wanting to replace eight windows and five skylights in our home. Starting with a very detailed clear estimate, followed by a timeline to complete the work, which was dead on. The overall professionalism and quality of work was evident from bedinnging to end of the job. Sayre and his crew treated our home with respect maintaining a very clean and tidy workplace. We highly recommend Coast Catalyst Construction and look forward to using them in the future.”

What’s Next!
By Sayre Neufled – Owner/Operator

As the warmer months come to close, we prepare for the Fall and Winter seasons. This year we are fortunate to have projects arranged to keep our crew busy. We are currently in the process of wrapping up a guest suite, renovating a 4-bedroom 2 bathroom living space, and building a custom 1500sqft rancher.
It is common this time of year to receive phone calls from people with questions on how they would like to update their homes over the winter months. Some common enquiries include: 1) knocking out walls to make larger, more practical, spaces. 2) Creating a guest suite for expected company over the holidays 3) Updating a kitchen and/or bathroom for better functionality and comfort. We know these types of projects are important to our clients, therefore, we have spent the year focused on building a better relationship with our designers, trade partners, and suppliers to help give the best remodel experience we can.
So here is a question – What are the critical steps I take before I start my renovation? We have a three-step tried and true process that can help!

1 – Custom Design – Have a design before you start. We work closely in collaboration with the design team to transfer your vision to paper and then bring that vision to life.
2 – Custom Features – Have the details figured out. Everyone has their own unique vision. No matter your personal taste, needs or preferences, we strive to accommodate your goals. Small details matter, which is why we work with you until we get them right.

3 – Advanced Technology – Choosing the right technology is important. The integrity and quality of your home are essential elements. We can help you understand how integrating new technologies will help with the comfort and luxury of your home.

We hope that you have gained some useful information from our newsletter. Please let us know if we can help you with any of your future building projects. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!!

Sincerely, The Coast Catalyst Team

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